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This Wiki is for the Promotion and Development of the Steam Islands Galactic Cluster from the online game NationStates. Though, any new Nations are not required to be associated with it in any way! Any and all members are free to create a page(s) about their Nation(s). We allow anything from Faster-Than-Light (which is what this was originally centered around) all the way back to the Stone Age! We've got room for anyone and everyone.

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Steam Islands Official FactBook Entry

The Region was founded on 2015, April 11th. This Wikia was created on 2017, May 5th.

Welcome to Steam Islands!

On the original Steam Islands Page, there are links to both NationStates-Only Documents and Wikia Documents.

We're a relatively Peaceful and Quiet Future-Tech Role-Playing region, so feel free to stop by anytime if you're up for it.

The Current Role-Play Year for any Canon RP is 3217 A.C. (After Collapse).

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